3504 Maruhachi HD(Japan) deviation value No.2!

This page lists the detailed analysis of the 3504 Maruhachi HD.

Bedding of the manufacture and sale giant as a business. Holding company in 08 years. Mainstay door-to-door sales of bedding. Hotels and B & Bs also strong for the business (from quarterly reports).

Of in a holding Japanese stocks that I have held an average deviation value is No.2 is.

Also, we are allowed to reference from daily holdings of Mr. kabu1000 there any time.

The point is excellent: all indicators other than ROE & officers ownership rates, rising stock prices can be expected with elevated because it is a Nagoya Part 2

Inferior to that point: ROE

The following figure shows the deviation value of the holdings. Of in the street holding Japanese stocks was also described at the beginning the average deviation value is No.2 is.

There is no report, such as share buy-backs (see figure below Statements settlement). However, on the official HP “We, as the first reduction to the shareholders, to strengthen the profitability for the dividends secure, basic policy is to sustain stable dividends we are with.” it says that shareholder-oriented company since it has been stated that.

Nagoya 2 parts after the listing does not have a dividend increase, but there is a stable dividend track record (see figure below). In addition, for the stock dividend rate is 3.2%, a high-level and.

Chart is a lack of information as a long-term decision for the past three years. However, value stocks of PBR0.3 we believe has the potential to stock prices soared get together attention of investors because it is.

Performance of four years all surplus is (see figure below). Also we believe that more gather attention of investors if the year-to-year performance is a clear soaring.

This analysis is up to here.

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