4235 UFHD of 2017 stock price increase rate No.1!

It lists the detailed analysis of 4235UFHD on this page.

Pioneer in the wet synthetic leather as a business. Ultra fabrics acquisition of 17 February US sales companies, production and sales integration under the holding company (from quarterly reports).

I is in stock it holds the most stock prices to rise in 2017 (about 3-fold) was (see figure below).

The point is excellent: ROE, stock prices rise due to the promotion because it is a TSE JQS expected

Inferior to that point: all indicators other than ROE, is often the frequency of the volatility of stock prices by institutional investors

The following figure shows the deviation value of the holdings. With the exception of the ROE deviation value in the holdings it is pretty bad. The reason why stock prices soared by the acquisition of the United States Ultra fabrics will include that you have. However, the initial purchase any index was also fairly high deviation value.  

Other features associated company of the United States Tesla Motors seems to be in the (Yahoo Finance bulletin board information). It seems to be because of the stock options is not a company of There is also a shareholder downplayed share buybacks has personally considered to (see the figure below Statements settlement).


1 share dividend does not mean that the dividend necessarily every year, but you say that there is the dividend increase trend (see figure below).


Chart is also the United States Ultra Fabrics after the acquisition has become a soaring. Personally, I believe that from now on the company to continue to still growth. In addition, expectations of promotion to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange There is also.

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