CRWS Crown Crafts of the US stock deviation value No.1!

This page lists the detailed analysis of US stocks CRWS Crown Crafts.

As a feature the United States of milk and infants for product manufacturers. Key products include baby bed, infant bedding, blankets, furniture for children’s rooms, wiping drool, hooded bath towels and bath towels, floor mats, such as toilet seat cover. Mainly mass merchandisers, retail stores, is sold in such as drug stores, also available in catalogs and online. Headquartered in Louisiana (from Yahoo! Finance).

I have held the highest average deviation value of each index in US stocks is (see figure below).

Good point: all indicators other than ROE, especially dividend rate 5%!

Inferiority points: ROE (However, a high level compared to the Japanese equities for 14.1%), company information is very difficult to obtain.


The following figure shows the deviation value of the holdings. Other than the return on equity (ROE) deviation value in the US equity holdings is quite high. Since it is a value stocks that were searched from within the US stocks, compared with other big company stocks have become inevitably high deviation value.


Soaring of things as the stock price chart after the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers is that there are peaks and valleys. However, we are plunged from the second half of 2015.


When you confirm the results from Yahoo! Finance we are depressed each benefit from 2016 in 2017. This is not considered to contribute but is likely there are other reasons.


Very information without also posted on the Yahoo! Finance bulletin board is hard to grasp. However, I believe that long-term investment stocks because each index is very excellent.

This analysis is up to here.

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