Warren Buffett word of wisdom

1. In principle, such as become obsolete is not a principle.

⇒ Nissan and Subaru’s Vehicle Inspection problem seems to have been considered as part of the opinion is true for this quote. Is it also the proof that the major impact until there is also the stock price was not.


2. with a safety margin.

⇒ I’m going to calculate the deviation value as I have a safety margin. But, so enough whether.


3. learned a philosophy to buy a $ 1 as at 40 cents.

⇒ or essence would be the same as 2..


4. buy the business rather than the share certificates.

⇒ I have a mom that would buy the share certificates without checking the business. You need to learn in this quote.


5. The secret of equity investments, to find a good brand, buy a good timing, that as long as continue to have it is a good company. It exhausted to this.

⇒ is about 3 years we are able to practice at the moment.


6. not the buying and selling of shares and lured to the opinion of market trends and others.

⇒ not fully yet practical about this. It is still vegetarian.


7. Berkshire to put a buy is when other investors are inclined to sell all at once as lemmings.

⇒ It is the time to when is the recent “British EU withdrawal” and “Trump president immediately after taking office” has just moved to sell the world. I was not able to have the courage to purchase the ones that did not sell.


8. Do not sell when the stock fell. To buy rather.

⇒ essence we believe the same and 7..


9. lose the reason is a short-sighted investment, the results lose money and time as.

⇒ I think that that credit buying and leverage investment. I think this principle because it is doing the credit buying and CFD leverage investment is a state that does not protect.


10. The goal is, aim well manner.

⇒ check my portfolio is once a day. In terms of not taking the wasted time or would say a good way.


11 . Easy do it a single thing.

⇒ I difficult it is hate (laughs)


12. The risk, is what happens when they do not know whether what you’re doing.

⇒ not yet erected in frontier this quote can be understood.


13. Diversification is a hedge against ignorance. For those you know whether what you’re doing on your own, diversified investment is almost meaningless.

⇒ I feel that do not know yet whether you’re doing yourself what clearly.


14. not that extraordinary can be achieved exceptional business performance.

⇒ is a quote that is very sympathetic. People have achieved to do this is a lot. I also wanted to be so.


If it is not worth doing 15., not even worth doing well.

⇒ is it is difficult to point out easily to others, but you see a person who is held true. Whether I myself cut – I say not so.


16. good for the bookmaker investors that it is not a good thing for the customer is to be understood.

⇒ or if out profits as a company customer satisfaction? It is another and say. Self-confidence that I can sort such a stock is not yet.


17. Most importantly, not whether to increase how much the circle of my ability, but either is determined strictly the boundaries of the wheel far.

⇒ doing investment beyond its own competence or would that do not.


18. Today and tomorrow, it but will throw its hat stock price S’Agaro next month, but I hope to me even if the.  

⇒ is in that it does not short-term buying and selling you been able to practice. However, it does not have is is need much mind calm for the stock price to rise and fall.


19.10 years, whether are making what I want even after 20 years, this is the basis of my investment decisions.

⇒ I think this quote is a state that is not able to focus on in the deviation value-oriented and stock index. We need to go take into investment criteria of business that does not appear in the index.


20. than buy a decent company a great price, it is that much better of buying at reasonable price a great company.

⇒ It should be the most priority has to understand that that run out to buy a wonderful company.


21. By following the teachings of Graham, not to participate in stupidity, it becomes part of people to benefit from stupidity.

⇒ not yet erected in frontier this quote can be understood. First is from where properly read the practical manual.


22. to long-term holding.

⇒ stress does not accumulate because it does not wavers between hope and fear in to protect it. You can also spend time in self-study required in life.


There’s the quote, but this time will be up to this point.

3504 Maruhachi HD(Japan) deviation value No.2!

This page lists the detailed analysis of the 3504 Maruhachi HD.

Bedding of the manufacture and sale giant as a business. Holding company in 08 years. Mainstay door-to-door sales of bedding. Hotels and B & Bs also strong for the business (from quarterly reports).

Of in a holding Japanese stocks that I have held an average deviation value is No.2 is.

Also, we are allowed to reference from daily holdings of Mr. kabu1000 there any time.

The point is excellent: all indicators other than ROE & officers ownership rates, rising stock prices can be expected with elevated because it is a Nagoya Part 2

Inferior to that point: ROE

The following figure shows the deviation value of the holdings. Of in the street holding Japanese stocks was also described at the beginning the average deviation value is No.2 is.

There is no report, such as share buy-backs (see figure below Statements settlement). However, on the official HP “We, as the first reduction to the shareholders, to strengthen the profitability for the dividends secure, basic policy is to sustain stable dividends we are with.” it says that shareholder-oriented company since it has been stated that.

Nagoya 2 parts after the listing does not have a dividend increase, but there is a stable dividend track record (see figure below). In addition, for the stock dividend rate is 3.2%, a high-level and.

Chart is a lack of information as a long-term decision for the past three years. However, value stocks of PBR0.3 we believe has the potential to stock prices soared get together attention of investors because it is.

Performance of four years all surplus is (see figure below). Also we believe that more gather attention of investors if the year-to-year performance is a clear soaring.

This analysis is up to here.

CRWS Crown Crafts of the US stock deviation value No.1!

This page lists the detailed analysis of US stocks CRWS Crown Crafts.

As a feature the United States of milk and infants for product manufacturers. Key products include baby bed, infant bedding, blankets, furniture for children’s rooms, wiping drool, hooded bath towels and bath towels, floor mats, such as toilet seat cover. Mainly mass merchandisers, retail stores, is sold in such as drug stores, also available in catalogs and online. Headquartered in Louisiana (from Yahoo! Finance).

I have held the highest average deviation value of each index in US stocks is (see figure below).

Good point: all indicators other than ROE, especially dividend rate 5%!

Inferiority points: ROE (However, a high level compared to the Japanese equities for 14.1%), company information is very difficult to obtain.


The following figure shows the deviation value of the holdings. Other than the return on equity (ROE) deviation value in the US equity holdings is quite high. Since it is a value stocks that were searched from within the US stocks, compared with other big company stocks have become inevitably high deviation value.


Soaring of things as the stock price chart after the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers is that there are peaks and valleys. However, we are plunged from the second half of 2015.


When you confirm the results from Yahoo! Finance we are depressed each benefit from 2016 in 2017. This is not considered to contribute but is likely there are other reasons.


Very information without also posted on the Yahoo! Finance bulletin board is hard to grasp. However, I believe that long-term investment stocks because each index is very excellent.

This analysis is up to here.